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From: Roger Bauer

Date: Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Fellow Small Business Owner,

You’ve seen all the stats. One of the top challenges of running a small business is uncovering consistent lead sources to sustain growth.

If you could use more new prospects . . . and I mean TONS of new prospects, I’ve got great news for you. Now, there’s a powerful, proven yet inexpensive new way to bring in all the highly qualified leads you’ll ever need. The kinds of quality leads that will skyrocket your sales right off the map!

You already know that if you stop generating qualified leads, sales will torpedo through the floor and your business becomes extinct in the flash of an eye. It’s literally that fast these days especially in a down economy.

Beyond that, cutting advertising and marketing expenses can be a death pill for small businesses. You know it, and I know it, but that doesn’t stop those “thrifty” business owners from trying it anyway, does it?

If you don’t get anything out of reading this entire page, get this one thig: stop focusing on cutbacks and retart your business’ growth engine right now! You can do that by getting insider access to the List Samurai program in just a moment. More on that in a second . . .

My name is Roger Bauer. For the last five years, I have been helping small business owners just like you to kick start meteoric sales growth through savvy, and often very inexpensive, marketing strategies. You see, it can be done, and you can do it too.

If you’ve ever done a Google search (and who hasn’t?) you’ve undoubtedly noticed that small businesses can compete toe-to-toe with their Goliath counterparts.

Here’s more good news for you – I’m here and willing to help you do the same thing by sharing my startlingly powerful yet amazingly simple system for generating consistent leads to fuel your business.

You’ll hear a lot of pundits, experts, gurus, and mavens passionately declare “the money is in the list!” I wish I could disagree with them, but I simply can’t. They’re dead on, but some people don’t know exactly HOW to build a responsive list from scratch.

The COSTLY TRUTH About Bringing in New Business . . .

There’s this “myth” that highly qualified leads are easy to get. You know, just run a PPC ad or two, or email an offer to a rented list, and you’ll be absolutely swamped with new business.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. These days, the cost of advertising, the declining quality of rented lists, increased postage costs, and ultra-stiff competition make getting leads much more expensive and far more difficult than ever before.

This comes as no big shock to you. Because if you’ve done ANY lead generation lately, you’ve probably produced marginal results, if not a complete disaster.

Let’s face it, if it was SO easy to pull in hordes of new customers, everybody would be rich. But you and I both know that simply is not the case, is it?

The problem is, regardless of what kind of business you’re in, to keep growing and increasing your profits, you MUST keep attracting a quality flow of new prospects each and every day.

With so much competition and low cost advertising outlets propping up each day, you’re faced with a monumental challenge: either keep bringing in a steady stream of new prospects or risk folding your tent for good.

“A Foolproof Way to Bring in More and More Qualified Leads”

You’re probably saying to yourself “Look Roger, I know my business inside and out, and my products and services are top notch.”

I get that.

The problem is that “top notch” isn’t good enough anymore. You can have the absolute best products, services, and customer service on the planet, but you will ALWAYS need more and more people discovering that you even exist especially with so many people finding products and services on the Internet these days.

Fortunately, there is an answer. Over the past five years, I have tested and tweaked a powerful lead generation SYSTEM that produces explosive results. I’ve dumped every insider secret, tip, “trick,” and tactic into the List Samurai program so you can master the system in a step-by-step fashion.

Simply stated, this system works so well, you’ll never again have to worry about getting all the new prospects you need to sustain healthy growth. In fact, many times when I’ve used this system, the flow of new business has been so overwhelming, I simply can’t handle it all at once so I have to spread out the efforts in order to keep up. I literally have to stop running the system! Be prepared, you may just have to do the same.

Just as critical, this program won’t cost you an arm and a leg to access either. Besides producing amazing results, it’s dirt cheap to put into action when you act now.

Here’s The Difference That Makes This System So Much Different Than Anything Else You’ve Seen:

I’ll be very blunt with you. The lead generation techniques that are being taught and used today just do NOT work. If they did, you’d be rich, not frustrated!!

The problem is that the marketing books and so called “experts” continue to rehash the same crusty old techniques of yesteryear. But here’s something you can take to the bank: if those techniques aren’t working for you now, there’s no magic bean or bullet that is going to make them work any better in the future. Stick with them, and you put your business at serious risk.

What’s so different about the List Samurai is that five years and thousands of dollars were spent to develop, test, and finely hone it into a blockbuster and replicable system that will literally bring you more new business than you can handle.

As I mentioned earlier, the flow of new business can be immense when you use this powerful system. Many times, they’ve produced such massive response, I actually had to cut back in order to keep up with demand!

Here’s How To Start Boosting YOUR Leads Right Away

This program was specifically designed to make sure you grow your lists and sales in the shortest time possible. This powerful system can be put into action IMMEDIATELY.

All you need to do is spend an hour per day watching the videos and reviewing the workbooks that show you exactly how to put the system into overdrive right away. Then, select the tactics that best suit your business and kick it into high gear.

The List Samurai works for any type of business. If you sell strictly over the Internet, it’ll work that much better. If you sell by direct mail and more “traditional” marketing methods, it’ll work just as well. If you have a service only business, it will grow your client list by leaps and bounds in record time. So you say you own a retail store? Great–get ready for an amazing surprise because the program will increase your foot traffic like nothing you’ve seen.

The fact is, this program is so powerful and flexible, I can’t think of a single business that couldn’t get immense benefit from it immediately. Hell, even funeral homes can benefit from it although I hope they don’t benefit TOO much from it. ;)

The manual for this program is designed to get you up and bringing in more leads in record time. After quickly but thoroughly showing you why this system works so well, the manual gets right down to the clear, step-by-step instructions on precisely how to use it in your business.

“The List Samurai Course”

(Real Value: $997)

The Secrets To Building And Profiting From A Huge List!

Here are the powerful advantages you’ll gain by getting in on this program today:

  • You’ll generate more HIGH-QUALITY leads than you ever dreamed of by using this powerful system. Each tactic is laid out and explained in comprehensive detail.You get samples of squeeze pages and follow up sequences I actually use to generate tons of leads for my own business. All of the graphics and copy are there for you to use word for word. But that’s just the start. Next, each sample piece is broken down piece by piece so you’ll know exactly why it works and why it’s critical that you create your own materials in the precise fashion that’s given to you.
  • Foolproof directions for customizing your squeeze pages and follow up sequences to gain maximum advantage for your own business. The examples used in the manual and videos illustrate the techniques are the same ones I use in my own business. And to make sure they’ll work for your business, you get detailed instructions that take all the guess work out of customizing them.Nothing is left to chance . . . using this system, you’ll be able to adapt your squeeze pages and follow up sequences to the specialized needs of your own business in about an hour or so. This system works for ANY business!
  • Simple techniques for writing emails that take over a reader’s brain and make your call to action (no matter what it’s for) almost irresistible

In fact, the jaw-dropping squeeze page opt-in techniques and email marketing strategies you’ll learn are so advanced, yet so painlessly easy to use that you might feel a little silly that you didn’t “get it” before now.

Don’t worry, everybody feels like that! But when you do get it, and you start doing it, you’re going to forget you ever had to struggle.

I’ve poured all of my list building expertise into List Samurai to make it the only list building course you’ll ever need. Nothing like this has ever been available before especially at the unbelievable charter member rate.

This is my own home grown strategy that I’ve proven in the the real world. I wish I’d had this no-messing-around instruction when I was watching my hair turn gray every day trying to build a list. If I’d had it, I could have saved myself years of unnecessary turmoil and stress.

I’ll be very blunt with you. The lead generation techniques that are being taught and used today just do NOT work. If they did, you’d be rich, not frustrated!!

The problem is that the marketing books and so called “experts” continue to rehash the same crusty old techniques of yesteryear. But here’s something you can take to the bank: if those techniques aren’t working for you now, there’s no magic bean or bullet that is going to make them work any better in the future. Stick with them, and you put your business at serious risk.

What’s so different about the List Samurai is that five years and thousands of dollars were spent to develop, test, and finely hone it into a blockbuster and replicable system that will literally bring you more new business than you can handle.

As I mentioned earlier, the flow of new business can be immense when you use this powerful system. Many times, they’ve produced such massive response, I actually had to cut back in order to keep up with demand!

This is the ONLY course you’ll ever need on how to build a money-making list that’s overflowing with fanatical buyers who just can’t get enough of your products and services.

You’ll get over 100 pages of fluff-free, hype-free, marketing gold that you can put to use right away. I’m talking about subscriber-boosting techniques like these:

Here are the powerful modules you’re seconds away from getting access to when you join this program today:

  • Day 1: How to outline a foolproof list building strategy and develop a healthy list building mindset. (A full 1hr 29 min!!)
  • Day 2: Spy on your competitors and dig deeper into your market to learn the demographics behind the 20% of your prospects that will deliver 80% of the PROFITS!
  • Day 3: How to create a high quality lead magnet that your prospects will flock to in droves to build your list organically and systematically. This is the key to your long-term list building success.
  • Day 4: How to setup your auto-responder and follow up sequences for success every time.
  • Day 5: Monetization secrets of the pros will give you the inside scoop on what converts best and how to apply it all to your business.
  • Day 6: Squeeze page creation and deployment secrets that make your squeeze page convert like a turnstile attendant at the superbowl.
  • Day 7: 7 surefire traffic tactics explained in detail that will skyrocket the number of prospects on your list like a jet breaking the sound barrier.
  • Bonuses: At least 10 high value “mystery” bonuses that will help you with things such as: 2 squeeze page templates that not only convert well but are aesthetically pleasing, marketing strategies to grow your business rapidly, sales letter and ad swipe file (learn from proven campaigns), and much much more!
  • REAL LIFE examples of proven list-building strategies & tactics that show you multiple ways to monetize your list even with the simplest product or the most mundane-looking web page.

Here’s The Bottom Line . . .

The List Samurai gives you everything you need to hit the ground running to bring in a metric boat load of new highly qualified leads immediately.

Ponder this for a moment. What would it be like to have the confidence of knowing your lead and list building campaign is as effective as humanly possible . . . that you never have to worry again about having enough business . . . that, on command, you can run circles around your competition and they’ll never know what hit them!

How would you feel knowing you are one of a select few in your industry who can count on increasing your profits year after year rather than blowing a major sink hole in your bank account? How would you feel having to scramble to hire more employees to keep up with all the new business even if everybody else seems to be laying off droves of their best people? You know you’ll feel great!!!

This is exactly what you’ll gain from this powerful new program. In this very real sense, the List Samurai will change your life and your employees’ lives forever.

How Much Would You Pay To Be Able To
Press A Button And Make Money?

When you have your own big, responsive mailing list, it is that easy. And List Samurai shows you how to get there faster than you probably can imagine right now.

I’ve reduced all of the confusing stuff to simple instructions for you to follow. Really, just do what I tell you to do and you’ll be building your own massive mailing list in no time.

That’s not crazy. It’s not hype. It’s the simple mathematical reality when you have your own list. You won’t start with a huge one, but so what?! If you make $1,000 when you send out an email, are you going to complain?

But look, I’ve had friends tell me I should charge every penny of that $997 for this, simply because of the incredibly profitable list building techniques I’ve included here. But you won’t pay anything close to that.

I Bet You’re Treading Water At Best, And I Want To Help

Most of the people reading this (probably including you) are either just starting out, or they’re so frustrated with list building that they could punch a hole in the wall. I want to help.

That’s why I’m not selling List Samurai for the full $997+ that it’s worth. Or even $797 or $497 or even the ridiculously insane low rate of $377.

I won’t even charge you $297 for this entire course when you act now because I really know what it’s like to struggle before transforming into a full-fledged online marketing success.

Right now, for a limited time to get kicked started off right, you’ll invest only
*$47* TODAY to access the entire List Samurai program!

You’ll get this for one low introductory price, even though this could easily help you replace your current income within a year. And I’ll do something else. I’ll take all the risk here and give you my…

Build a Big List or Else Guarantee

Access the entire List Samurai Course and use it absolutely risk-free for a full 60 days.

Try any or all of the methods outlined to build a successful mailing list and to start earning real money with it. If you don’t start to see a steady stream of subscribers that will allow you to easily make back your tiny investment and then some, then I want to give you your money back.

Simply let me know at any time during the next 60 days that you’re 100% convinced that this program isn’t everything promised, and I’ll give you a prompt and cheerful refund…guaranteed.

There’s Just One Slight “Catch” …

This special price is only good for a limited time. I’ll bump the price up significantly starting tomorrow.

Hey, I want to help you, but I’m not an idiot! I’m sure you can tell that List Samurai is worth WAY more than one measly investment of $47. You probably spend more on caffeinated drinks each month for crying out loud.

How high will the price go? I haven’t nailed that down yet. Will it be $97? $297? Higher? I’m not sure, but it will go up.

So if you want this at the lowest price you’ll ever see, now’s the time…

This should be an easy decision for you, because quite simply…

This Is Like Getting Internet Marketing Success In A Box!

No success comes without a lot of effort. If anybody promises you overnight success when you press a “magic button,” you should run quickly the other way. I’m definitely not promising you that. You’ll still have to do some work!

What I am saying is that having a responsive mailing list makes you feel as if you can make money almost at will. Ask any successful marketer who has a list like that, and you’ll hear the same thing.

The List Samurai Course gives you everything you need to start building a huge, responsive list for yourself, even if you’re starting from scratch…even if you’ve tried and failed before.

Look at it this way… you’re paying less than you’d pay for a new pair of sneakers to get real-life, insider Internet marketing tactics that can help build you a list that’s swelling with dedicated subscribers who can’t wait for your next message.

I lay it all out there for you in simple and easily understood terms so literally anyone can “get it” and, more importantly, do it.

But the longer you wait, the more you risk missing out on getting the lowest price this package will ever be offered. Don’t waste time and wish you had acted sooner.

There’s only ONE thing left to do…

Yes Roger! Give Me The Complete List Samurai Course So That I Can Build My HUGE List Of Subscribers!

I want your “secret system” for building my own big, hyper-responsive mailing list that can give me a four- or five-figure income whenever I send an email.

I understand that I will receive INSTANT access upon receipt of my successful payment so that I can get started on building my own list right away…instead of banging my head against the wall in frustration.

I’ll only invest $47 today as part of this special charter member introductory promotion! After the next 100 47 people get into the course, the price goes up dramatically.

And there’s zero risk for me, because:

  • Roger is standing behind List Samurai with his personal 60-day money-back guarantee. I can try everything out for a couple months, make real money with the Course…and get a full refund if I’m not completely satisfied.

(We reserved the right to end this offer anytime without warning.)

You know the profits are waiting for you out there … if you could just figure out how to build your own list. As cruel as it might sound, if you don’t have a list, you’re going to struggle. Maybe you already know that because you’ve been struggling.

The List Samurai Program can get you past pulling your hair out to the place where you’re pulling money out … of the ATM! But this opportunity won’t last forever. The price will go up…

Don’t waste time and miss your chance! Get in on the List Samurai right now. Do it, and I promise you’ll be on the fast track to boosting your list and sales as quickly as possible!

To Your Success,

Roger Bauer signature

Roger Bauer

P.S. By acting right now, you get a great price, all the materials you need to flood your business with new prospects, and the special bonuses. But only if you order before the next 100 47 people. After that, the price will go up significantly.

Remember, you’d pay a web-designer hundreds of dollars to design a squeeze page for you. You’d pay a copywriter hundreds to develop a series of emails to use in your auto-responder, and you’d spend countless hours trying to master all of this stuff on your own. But it’s all been done for you with the List Samurai! This powerful system has been proven over and over again where it counts–in the trenches of real businesses and real markets!

Plus, the List Samurai is easy to put into action. Just watch the videos, read the manual, and pick the tactics that mesh best with your business, and kick it into overdrive.

Once you see the extra sales start rolling in, there is no turning back! Your only regret will be that you didn’t discover this highly profitable program sooner!

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